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Everyone takes pictures but can anyone be a photographer

There are the ones who are and those who believe they are photographers.

Art and simplicity: paper and scissors

Twenty first century is all about digital technology…but maybe not JUST about technology.

#Summer and outdoors #events

June 2015 and we are all waiting for decent weather to enjoy the outdoors from music festival, trekking, cycling to other gathering such as vintage fairs.

#Fashion and #design is also about socks

Too often people spend a lot of money on fashion and this is sometimes without limit, maybe because being fashionable is important in the 21st century?

A talking point: Brain specimen coasters

Inviting guests to your house for a dinner party is generally a good idea. Sometimes though people struggle when it comes to having a sustainable and durable conversation.

Watching the first and last scene of a #film by @jacobtswinney

When watching a film, what people remember (in general) is the soundtrack and the last scene. But what about the first scene?

#Design and illustrations by Ruben Steeman

Everybody is an artist…or almost. Ruben Steeman is an Amsterdam based illustrator.

Polaroid #photography: the complexity of analog instant #film

Everybody is a photographer in the 21st century. Smartphones have changed the way we are taking pictures.

Miniature #paintings by @lorraineloots

A lot of people are passionate about art, design and photography. Sometimes one person can be the one making it because the passion is also a lifestyle.

Is technology limitless

Each day when commuting we can clearly see that less people are reading books/newspapers and more have their eyes into their tablets or smartphones.