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Quirky Conference Venues in London

What makes the conferences that take place at these three venues is the truly unique, spectacular and quirky interiors they have to offer.

Ferris Bueller: a dream house eventually found a buyer

After having been on the market for 5 years, the dream house featured in “Ferris Bueller’s day off” has found a buyer.

A #monochrome house

Less is more and The Kerferd Place shows it beautifully.

When @HauserWirth expands to Somerset

Hauser and Wirth will have a new gallery from 15th July 2014 in the Somerset countryside.

Paris (France) – another vision of things

The unreal vision of Paris by Menilmonde is rather beautiful and strange as well. But there is also Kapstand who performs onehandstands in front Paris Landmarks.

Manuel Mira Godinho Windows Photography

Portugueuse photographer Manuel Mira Godinho is inspired by the architecture of some buildings’ facades.

Wonderful House Names

Unusual, unique house names often reflect eccentric buildings with fascinating stories to tell. From grand country estates to normal terraced homes, this blog takes a look at five of the weirdest house names in the UK today.

Amazing Roofs

Here we take a look at a few of the more unusual roof designs you can find around the world, and how different architects approach the problem of keeping a roof above our heads.

Derelict buildings and street art

With this ongoing economic downturn a lot of buildings – whether commercial or residential – are still empty.

Architects and multinational groups are constantly thinking of new developments and it seems that luxury students accommodations is the way forward.

Hauser & Wirth – Art Galleries

Contemporary art galleries have had a lot of new spaces in the past 10 years.