It is always good to have eye-catching objects and furniture. Visitors will then remember that your interior design is unique.

CANVAS is a project by YOY, a Tokyo-based design studio headed by Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto, that will kind of blow your mind…Source

You could ask: Is this a painting, is it a chair…what is it?

The answer could be surprising: it is both!

Almost revolutionary, a canvas able to stretch so much that it actually becomes a usable seat.

Canvas seat by YOY

Photo by Yasuko Furukawa

In other words it is an elastic fabric which can be painted and support the weight of a person too.

Canvas seating by YOY chair

Photo by Yasuko Furukawa

A great idea for a special Christmas present. This is when traditional furniture becomes very minimal but is also giving this incredible trompe l’oeil effect.

Canvas seating by YOY overall view

Photo by Yasuko Furukawa

Of course, original products can be expensive and nowadays people can’t just spend cash like in the early years of the 21st century.

But, art still sells. Frieze London located in Regent’s Park is ready to go ahead with artworks reaching up to £1 million.

This doesn’t mean that you have to buy expensive and original pieces. The actual value shouldn’t play an important role.

A few buyers like to purchase second hand goods either from a car boot sale or an antiques shop. Vintage is always pleasing, because the object holds a story which can be mysterious too.

Also, some businesses and manufacturers have started to specialize in new-vintage products,  including furniture!

Restaurants, pubs and hotels like to have something with character on display. Coal buckets, pewter tankards, old dusty books and empty wine bottles do look good in a cosy traditional lounge/living room. But, people don’t actually see those, because too traditional and (sadly) too common.

But old furniture can be more valuable than new one: Le Corbusier and Eames are prime examples.

The quality of the design and the materials are giving that guarantee of lasting products throughout years and decades.

This doesn’t mean that buying new is not good… it all depends on the actual manufacturing process and the quality control. Getting cheap labour, high speed assembly workshops is certainly not the way forward.

Covering costs and making a profit is the aim of companies, but who wants to spend a lot of money for something ephemeral?!

With the 25th December at the horizon, parents are checking closely their finances. Technology and digital devices are everywhere from smartphones, tablets to mp3. But is it time to switch to something more traditional?

Getting the right gift for a birthday, christening and choosing Christmas wooden and metal toys for your nephews/nieces/children can be a real mission. Undecided yet? Check for some genuine ideas.