There is often only so much you can do when faced with a bathroom design that has blank, barefaced walls on every side. Windowless bathrooms are quite common on cruise ships and in hotels, however it can often be quite stifling when you are trying to design a bathroom using only artificial light.

It is not impossible though! By looking at a few nifty design techniques we can see the right way to design a windowless bathroom, without making it look too crowded or too dark!

Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors always help to create the illusion of a larger space in a small room and in this instance we can also use mirrors to great effect when increasing light levels in a bathroom. Placing mirrors at different heights gives off different effects, all of which help to brighten up a room.

If you happen to have a long, narrow bathroom, a floor to ceiling mirror creates the illusion of a spacious bathroom, reflecting the main light and opening up the space. Reflective mosaics and art pieces also work well to help increase light levels, without being so glaringly in your face as a large mirror.


A range of lighting features

Combining artificial lighting features can help to brighten up a room, as it takes a break from the normal monotony of a single, large light in the centre of the ceiling. Try adding a few small spotlights near the bath/shower area, or some dimming wall lights. If you are looking for a glamorous addition to a bathroom, a crystal chandelier adds a real sense of class and the glass also reflects the light.

Tall standing lamps are also a good way to increase light levels as they provide a focal point of the room, yet they can be slender and not too intrusive on the space of the bathroom. Be careful of using lamps with lampshades, as they can suffer from damp and mildew!

Transparent accessories and fixings

This may seem like a rather small feature, but it can really help when you want to use every bit of space. Using transparent glass for toothpaste and toothbrush holders as well as soap holders and dispensers gives the feel of a less cluttered sink area. When you are fighting for every inch of space in the bathroom, these hints will help to open up the space.

Transparent fixings, while appearing delicate, are also a great way of brightening up the room. Using glass cabinets or sinks with glass legs give the appearance of a larger room and reflects the light in the room, making it appear brighter.

Glass doors to open up the room

Try to avoid using a bath or shower curtain, and even frosted glass can be a bit of a downer. Instead, to keep the space looking clean and open, use glass doors to separate the bathing and showering area. This way the shower/bath is not cordoned off from the rest of the room, left to fend for its own light source and you can still shower in peace without having to use a torch!

There will be the odd occasion where we turn off all the lights, light a bunch of candles and have a long, relaxing bath in the darkness. However in many cases these are only special occasions and most of the time we want to actually be able to see what we are doing in our bathrooms, so smart lighting and good design is important.

By combining the features we have described above, you are well on your way to a beautiful, light and open bathroom, without having to miss the outside world!

Article provided by A specialist interior designer offering creative, affordable interior design that makes the most of your home.