Bathroom Presentation Tips for Home Sale

If you want to sell your home at a good price, you need to give some thought to your bathroom presentation. Bathrooms, just like kitchens, can either break or make a sale. The following are some suggestion for improving your bathroom presentation.

  • Make sure the basics are right

Bathroom suites that are damages, in an outdated color or tired should be replaced. There are many suites that are reasonably priced and are quick to install. Fixing a glass bath screen and a power shower will result in a bathroom that many potential buyers will love. In addition, make sure that your house has a WC upstairs so as to cater for potential buyers with small children.

  • Hygiene is king

Make sure your buyers find a bathroom that is spotless. This means that you should:

  1. Get rid of lime scales from plugholes and around taps
  2. Remove any traces of mould
  3. Clean the shower curtain, or replace it with a glass shower screen
  4.  Give the WC and bath a thorough scrub
  5. Use a grouting pen to clean stained tile grout
  6. Replace any discolored or peeled sealant
  7. Give mirrors, light fittings and all surfaces a good cleaning
  • De-Clutter

Many bathrooms are filled with all kinds of lotions, portions and bottle. When staging your property, all these should be kept out of sight. Pack them into a box and store them away. This will make the bathroom look more spacious and attractive to prospective buyers.

  • Look at the floor

A general rule for bathroom floors is ‘No Carpet’. Many potential home buyers won’t like the idea of having a carpet in the WC or bathroom. Instead, you could use floorboards or a vinyl floor with a neutral color.

  • Look at the walls

The best option is a neutral paint job. White also works well since it enhances the feeling of freshness. Make sure you replace missing or cracked wall tiles. Plain white tiles, which are usually cheaper than other types, are the best option.

  • Accessorize

All bathrooms should have:

  1. A medicine cabinet
  2. A good-sized mirror
  3. A towel rail

 Give the bathroom some personality by adding:

  1. Some scented candles
  2. A few green leafy plants
  3. A soap dish with a luxury bar of soap
  4. New fluffy white towels


The idea behind all these improvements is to assure potential home buyers that the bathroom doesn’t have to be completely refurbished. If buyers that they can comfortably use the bathroom immediately they move in, then you will sell your property quickly. You could consider using the services of a home stager to offer help in reorganizing and improving your bathroom facilities.

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