Auction houses re-designed

“…The global art market is booming, and art auction houses, once perceived to be the preserve of the elite, are attracting new, more varied audiences. These changes can be seen in recent advertising for both Bonhams and Christie’s, which offers a more open vision of the modern auction house…” Source

Bonhams auction house

Auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Bonhams are seen as corporate and almost old fashioned institutions.

Eventually, things have to change in order to give a rebirth to the business.

Advertising, marketing and communication agencies have to work harder in order to bring that extra new breath of fresh air within the industry. And this is applicable to all sectors.

Graphic and website design is also very important. In general, a firm reviews regularly the branding and has to invest to get that new image with slight changes and this includes:

  • fonts
  • colours
  • layout for:

business cards,


general display,

digital/online outlets (from main the site to various social media platforms).

Getting a new campaign as visible as possible is vital too. The aim being to make an impact – it has to be eye-catching instantly; the more varied the better.

Bonhams Ads London Taxi Cabs

Nowadays, we know that people take photos everywhere by using their smartphones – it is more than just a phone but a real tool to outreach, interact and share.

Internet desktop and mobile infographic

Consequently, images will automatically appear on Instagram and maybe Pinterest, simply posted by the general public and this can potentially create a trend.

Bonhams Ads London Tube

In this particular case, it is rather minimalistic, simple and cryptic as well. This automatically creates questions such as “what is the message behind the visual?” – “is it for a forthcoming event?” and so on…

People will think, look and analyze until they understand that is it pure advertising, blending artistic and abstract visions of the art world.

The overall target is to attract a younger and more fashionable audience. Because auctions aren’t just for wealthy collectors, dealers or other private investors or philanthropists.

It is usually free to attend an auction whether it is just to look at the lots or to place a bid. Depending on the product/item it can go very fast and hit record prices – the auctioneer needs to control the entire process to avoid any confusions because bidders can be in the room but also on the phone.

By having a fresh look, auction houses will certainly get more interest by those who until now, thought that such public sale was reserved to the elite of the financial world.

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