Are Sofa Standards Safe?

A new study has revealed the shocking truth that there may be a hidden fire hazard in your home. Domestic furniture fires are responsible for 1,500 deaths and 15,000 serious injuries in Europe each year. But according to new research, UK furniture is not to blame.

Sofa Fire

The study, titled “Are you sitting comfortably?“, reveals that poor or non existent European furniture fire safety standards are putting lives at risk in the UK and abroad. Research carried out by a specialist testing centre in the Netherlands on sofas from all 27 EU member states, found that 25 out of the 27 reached life threatening heat and smoke density in less than seven minutes, with some in as little as two minutes.

In contrast, sofas built under stronger UK and Irish safety standards did not develop into a life threatening blaze until more than 20 minutes after ignition.

Consumers are being warned to be extra careful when purchasing sofas from other countries in Europe, especially around this time of year, when people are decorating their homes with candles and lights that could cause a dangerous fire.

The people behind the campaign hope to see all countries enforce the same safety standards on furniture as those in the UK.

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