Nowadays, more and more people have the use of tablets. Some prefer the Apple iPad rather than another make… maybe because of the reputation and design?!

We are definitely living in a digital era as everyone goes online whether to check cinema programmes but also purchase various items from clothes to train tickets.

Apple stores are very particular. All products are on display and the customer service as well as the after sales department are second-to-none. These shops are unique and are attracting all generations. People like to experiment and interact with electronic gadgets and spend most of their savings on a new smartphone and spare laptop or a second and faster tablet. Who thought that each family members will  have their own iPad in order to browse the net and share images on social media or just download Apps to please their needs?

So, why are Apple stores so busy when there are no shelves but just tables with several devices – which are overall designed to access the internet. It is not like one product will be so different from another! Meanwhile, there is a real interest and devotion for those goods.

Some people even have the full range: iPhone, iPad, iPadAir, MacBook, Each of these devices having a specific use. For instance, one could be when travelling and another one would be placed in the kitchen…etc

Whatever digital product we are talking about, they are part of our daily lives and some people are truly lost without them.

The overall furniture in those stores are all the same – there is a real uniformity and this can be checked either in the USA or in Spain. Wooden tables, lights and stairs have been carefully designed to match that minimalistic and almost sterile image but nevertheless with a warm finish.

Details are important as well. Usually, this is what changes everything. And this is applicable on clothes, cars, shoes too.

Have you noticed how iPads are displayed? It is all manufactured by newMacgadgets.

It is simple and basic but it makes a massive difference: the acrylic base with a slight angle is perfect for such device. However, you can’t buy it from Apple itself – maybe because considered as part of the store look & design rather than a real branded accessory?!

Acrylic base Apple Store iPad

Acrylic base Apple Store iPad

Such material can be used for a variety of products including acrylic coasters and photographs frames, simplicity of design wins because the product itself is not altered, especially when an artist wants to show an artwork – the focus point won’t be the actual object but what is encased/framed.

Acrylic transparency

Most retail stores are putting a lot of efforts to display their products –  shop windows have also to be different because High Streets shops are competing.

The paradox being that Apple stores don’t have a window display.