Ambiance and Lighting

Wherever you go, from restaurants to stores and coffee shops, there is always a kind of lighting system in place.

Have you actually noticed that supermarkets or superstores, don’t have a natural source of brightness.

Everything is in place to give the client a sense of well being despite of having no windows – except the entrance of the premises.

Let’s say you are driving to a commercial centre, all the great colourful signs are calling you to come in. It does look glamorous to a certain degree. In fact, this space you are going to enter is usually made from a previous industrial workshop transformed into something slightly warmer to make your shopping experience “warmer” and there should even be a cafĂ© area…with no views towards the outside world but a flat screen television will make you forget the lack of it.

If you are observing carefully there is also the background music, to give this initial sterile shell a sense of cool and trendy ambiance.

The great combination “lighting and music” is blending perfectly to attract customers and make them stay longer even if there is nothing they wish to buy – they usually end up with a latte and whatever cake is available from the “restaurant” – which is no more than just a counter with instant drinks – tucked in a corner.

Light bulbs

If you do feel relaxed and happy in such places, you can reproduce this effect in your own home. Of course, the mix of colours for your walls and ceilings is important too.

Usually, your living room is the focus point of your accommodation because when friends and family are invited you want them to get that “wow factor” about the layout and all other little details which will make the difference. Remember that if you aren’t an interior design expert and your budget is limited to give a make-over to your lounge, the ambiance can be changed rapidly by just choosing the correct lighting to give enough – but no too much – brightness to your nest.

There are certainly a great variety of designs and shapes. It is then up to you to purchase the perfect appliance. When you are going to a concert, people are employed to manage the lights’ effects during the artist’s performance. This shows that lights are playing an important role whether on a professional level (films, concerts, theatres) or just for your “home sweet home“.

It is not about being geared up like an engineer but having that little extra touch which could really enhance your home.

Sometimes, it is to wonder if people are feeling more comfortable in a coffee shop than in their own living space, due to the amount of coffee houses on a city map.

Garden Trading Paris Lights

Garden Trading Paris Lights


It is sure that a coffee is cheaper than investing in some electric equipment, especially if you are just a tenant and that your landlord doesn’t allow any alterations – as it is his property. This can be frustrating but at least it gives you the right to dream about your future ideal home.

History of Lighting Infographic



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