The film Kingsman: The secret service, is on our cinema screens. And it it obvious that tailored suits are making this movie and story rather cool with style and humour as well.

Of course, the action is without a doubt bringing high voltage and adrenaline – it is well filmed with a touch of Britishness.

Kingsman suit Savile Row London

Kingsman suit Savile Row London


Where are we at with nowadays fashion?

Men seem to wear teenagers’ clothes such as badly cut jeans, t-shirts with slogans on it and trainers. It is not that men can’t wear jeans or relaxed items but sometimes it just doesn’t match because after a certain age, you should really wear garments according to your age…I mean your real age. Once over 45 or 50, the way you dress can be complementary or just ridiculous and awkward.

It is like seeing someone with too much plastic surgery or badly done. It will be noticeable that the person in question doesn’t want to look his/her age! Is it a crime to look old(er)? No, it is just natural.

Meanwhile, wearing a suit is acceptable whether you are young or old. But for some reasons, individuals in their 20s or even 30s don’t feel it is right to get a suit or if they do so it has to be cheap. But why? Jeans can be pricey too?!

Looking at the urban fashion, there are more jeans, tees and puffer jackets than two piece suits around.

Are people actually ashamed to wear smart trousers, jackets and ironed shirts? Or is it a kind of complex paranoia of being judged and categorized as wealthy or “earning too much money“?

One thing is sure; you don’t need to be a banker or an investor to wear a suit. This is for everyone, but most importantly, you need to feel comfortable with the cut. If it is tailored made by Ozwald Boateng for instance, you know that your Savile Row purchase will be a success.

Ozwald Boateng tailor and suits

Ozwald Boateng tailor and suits


According to the current fashion, are tailors struggling to get regular orders into their books or is it a temporary drop because there have been high financial transactions during the festive season? Maybe a usual pattern of when people get new suits?

It is also interesting to consider the effects and threats of the online market/trade, which could offer better deals on some items but surely not of tailored suits?!

Recently this newsletter appeared in my inbox:

Exeter tailor Lugets is closing down

Exeter tailor Lugets is closing down


A business which has survived for 200 years in the heart of Exeter (Devon) is now,  in the 21st century, closing down its doors! Have we missed something or are we becoming too superficial and egoistic? Yes, quality has a price but why are we ready to spend a few hundred Pounds on shoes or jackets factory made in Asia when a better quality can be obtained on our doorsteps, with a great knowledge and customer service too?!

According to various articles and interviews it is all down to the lease and the monthly rent. This means that this beautiful commercial property in central Exeter will be vacant for any newcomers – hopefully not for chains of investors willing to damage the prestigious wooden floorboards or other features of the building located next to Exeter Cathedral.