Inviting guests to your house for a dinner party is generally a good idea. Sometimes though people struggle when it comes to have a sustainable and durable conversation.

It all usually starts about the past week activities and forthcoming holidays and if applicable what are the children up to or what are they studying.

Then the topics can be varied including fashion, wine, favourite film/music or food related talks.

Meeting with friends, colleagues or family is totally different as you might not want to talk about a specific subject with your workmate – for instance the latest financial report/reunion. There can be taboo during such social gathering.

What if you pull out and bring on a table coasters with a slice of of brain (specimen)?

It could shock or make people laugh as well.

Brain specimen coasters

Brain specimen coasters

Without a doubt they will keep the conversation going and being rather unusual, people will remember it and who knows maybe even share it on social media… Could this offend vegetarians?

Nowadays, everything (almost) can be seen and perceived as controversial – even if this is not the aim of it.

From advertising to fashion, there is always that little thing too far. Someone will complain about the colour of a shirt, the way the photograph is taken, the slogan and the patronising meaning of if.

So, will these cerebral coasters be a hit or a miss in your household?

Overall coasters can also be seen as a great gift idea whether for birthdays or Christmas, because there are so many different types, you will find whatever you are after either in a store or online.

These ones are made of glass and have tiny rubber feet to protect your precious coffee table.

Coasters’ shapes and designs can be very different and if you are looking after something unique you can even have them made to order with your requirements such as logo and personal messages.

Nowadays, material is not a real issue as the wide availability of high-tech makes everything possible; glass, plastic, perspex, acrylic… it is limitless! 3D printing is another new option too, allowing fantastic results.

Of course, the more complicated and the higher the price but this is what quality is about.

If you had to have coasters tailored made what would be your choice – from the shape to the final touch including colours?

Brain specimen glass coasters

Brain specimen glass coasters

Some individuals might go for something with less impact and more traditional… as long as it is not offensive, it can be a unique piece full of creativity.

Get your graphic designers hats on and surprise your guests.