5 Decorative Painting Techniques

If you are thinking of repainting your walls or that old dresser that has just been sitting there, you may want to consider doing a decorative painting technique such as faux, textured, or rag painting. Many of these decorative painting techniques are very easy to do and can add a lot of dimension to your room.

Textured Painting

There are many different ways that you can apply texture to your paint. You will want to be sure that you purchase paint that is designed for adding texture. This paint will be thicker than regular paint and may have a gritty look and feel to it. After obtaining the correct paint, you will apply it to the surface that you are painting, using a long napped roller. Once the paint is on the surface, there are many ways that you can give it texture before it sets. You can apply a glaze and use a brush to create uniform circles or to create a line effect in the paint. You can also get creative and use a number of other tools to achieve any special effect you desire.

Mudding for Texture       

Textured painting will work well to hide any imperfections on the surface that you are painting. But using drywall mud is a great way to create a textured wall. Dry wall mud can work especially well if you are trying to cover paneling or imperfections on your wall. You will want to apply the drywall mud to your wall, creating any type of texture that you like, and allow it to dry thoroughly before applying the paint.

Rag Rolling

Rag rolling your paint is great if you are just beginning to experiment with different painting techniques. You can use this technique if you are painting the entire room or if you are only painting an accent wall. You will begin by painting your wall with a base paint, giving this a few hours to dry before moving on to the next step. Next you will add either an accent color or glaze. You will apply this accent color using a burlap rag that has been rolled up to resemble a hot dog. Using this technique will add depth and texture to any wall in your home.

Sponge Painting

Sponge painting is also very simple and easy to do. Using this method of painting will give your walls the appearance of textured wallpaper. Sponge painting is very similar to rag rolling–you need to apply a full base coat of paint on your walls. In a couple of hours when your base coat has fully dried, you will add an accent color or glaze. It is best to use a sea sponge that you have cut to fit comfortably in your hand to apply the accent color.

Stencil Painting

It is becoming very popular to add stenciled quotes to the walls in your home. Many people feel that this makes their home feel cozy. It is fairly easy to do but may require some time and patience. Using acrylic paints, a stencil paintbrush, and a pre-made stencil can make this task a little easier. Attach your stencil to the wall using a spray adhesive, once the stencil is attached use a stenciling paintbrush to apply the acrylic paint to your wall. It is important that you remember to clean your stencil before reapplying it to the wall. You may also choose to stencil a border around the entire room.

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey writes for Area Rugs Online.

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